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Sports Massage

What ever your sport, you will benefit from regular Sports Massage treatments. Almost all professional sports teams have a full time Sports Massage Therapist to keep their players in the best condition possible.


Sports Massage will help you recover faster from your workouts and help you avoid injury by keeping your muscle tissue soft and flexible to be able to perform at your top level with less risk of muscle strain or ligament strain.

A Sports Massage Therapist will also help you recover from your sports injuries such as sprains, strains, cramps, repetative stress injuries(such as tennis elbow) and post event tension and lactic acid build up.



Sport Massage

"As an athlete myself, I enjoy helping others perform their best, and if you are coming in with an injury there is a good chance I have had your injury in the past. This experience is a great advantage in understanding and treating your injury."  - Chris Angerer, RMT.

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