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Registered Massage Therapist in Vancouver

image of Chris Angerer a Vancouver Massage Therapist.

Chris Angerer, RMT 


Chris is a Registered Massage Therapist in Vancouver.


Chris Graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1993. Massage was an interest to Chris from a very young age, and it’s no surprise that his path led to a career in massage therapy.


His first experience with massage was when he was six years old and his dad asked him to massage his low back after a golf game. After that there was no turning back, Chris was massaging friends after sports, long days, or whenever anyone asked.


In 1982, Chris Started taking Chito-ryu Karate and earned his black belt in 1988. Traditional Karate develops a heightened state of body awareness and appreciation for what the body can do. This is an advantage that allows Chris to have a greater awareness of dysfunctions and injuries in other people through massage.

Being a “people” person, Chris will greet you with a friendly smile and make you feel at ease right away. During your first visit, Chris will listen to you and find out exactly what you are feeling. He will then assess you to find the root cause, this may involve some testing of your posture, strength and pain free range of motion.

After this, he will tell you his treatment plan and then begin the massage. During the massage therapy treatment, feed back about the massage, pressure or any questions are welcome.

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