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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is one the most powerful techniques in Massage Therapy. It is particularly beneficial for patients suffering from strained muscles, decreased range of motion, stiffness, tension, and tight muscles in any area of the body. Deep Tissue Massage alleviates muscle pain and tension in head, neck and back due to sitting for long hours, computer work, excessive fitness trainings and poor posture.


Using great pressure, this type of massage addresses deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue aiming to stretch the structures to release adhesions or bands of painful, rigid tissues within a muscle known as knots.Adhesions and tightness block circulation within a muscle and therefore there is not only lack of oxygen and nutrients to a muscle but there is also an accumulation of metabolic wastes within a tissue causing pain and limited range of motion.


A Deep Tissue Massage session will start with lighter techniques to warm up superficial tissues and gradually a very slow, deep and firm pressure will be applied along muscle fibers using finger pads, palms, knuckles, fist and elbow. unlike, a comforting, sleep inducing relaxation massage, during Deep Tissue Massage, patients might experience some discomfort and they will be asked to guide the therapist in terms of the amount pressure being applied to stay within their comfort level.


Deep Tissue Massage offers a variety of benefits to an individual. It increases blood circulation and therefore oxygen and nutrient supply to the under nourished tissues, improves range of motion, lengthens the shortened tissues,and provides greater pain free movement in your day to day activities.

Deep Tissue Massage
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